Ride for Reading is a Nashville, TN based non-profit with the mission to help children in low-income areas become healthy and literate by delivering books by bicycle.


A team of passionate creatives coming together to create an impactful and moving documentary to spread awareness of the need for books in the United States.



With the help of Don Baumgardt, Devon envisioned the Overland trip and the message that was to come from the experience.


Director of Photography

Quinn's vision and skills to capture captivating motion picture brings the story of the Overland Film to life.


Lead Cinematographer

Ben's extensive portfolio brings experience to the project helping guide the film team to a successful shoot.


Production Manager

Don's extensive local knowledge and original idea of this ride made all the puzzle pieces come together to make this film possible.


Lead by founder Mathew Portell, the group ventures for two days across the Butterfield Overland Mail Route, one of the nation's first mail routes, to the small town of Dell City to deliver their payload of books to the only school.

Overland: A Journey For Revival

Overland is a film that will be used to bring awareness to the needs of so many less fortunate children. Children who may not be able to enjoy what seems like such a minor object to so many of us, but has the power to mold young minds and imaginations, and stave off ignorance. The journey is just a small step in what is a lifelong dream for Ride For Reading and its many participants. A dream of a world rich in literature, creativity & education. A world that is carried on by our children and their children. A dream that does not end in Dell City, Texas, but carries on across border’s for years to come.


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If you would like to learn more about the film or to host a showing please contact us below.